Lisa Horstman is an award-winning author/illustrator based in the United States. Sabrina: A Great Smoky Mountains Story is her tenth book.


Lisa grew up the youngest of five children on an Ohio farm, where reading and creativity were encouraged by her parents.


Combining the love of books with the craft of illustration began with the publication of Fast Friends in 1994, when she was the recipient

of the Dr. Seuss Picturebook Award

from Alfred A. Knopf.


Great Smoky Mountain Salamander Ball, her first collaboration with Great Smoky Mountains Association, led to six more picturebooks

with the nonprofit organization:

The Troublesome Cub, Wee Ones, The Smokies Yukky Book (written by

Doris Gove), We're Going to the Mountains (written by Steve Kemp), Scavenger Hike Adventures (written by Kat and John LaFevre), and Sabrina: A Great Smoky Mountains Story.


Other books include One Baby Mountain Goat (written by Debbie Ketel), Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race (written by Olympic cyclist Erin Mirabella), and Squawking Matilda.


She is currently writing and illustrating a graphic novel for adults.

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