Creating what Lisa calls "puppet illustrations" takes many steps.


1. Characters are designed.

At this stage Lisa determines how characters will look and move. The metal armature, a kind of puppet skeleton, is designed. She also chooses the materials used to fabricate the puppets. With Sabrina, she used wool fibers and wire.


2. The puppets are created.


The wool fibers are wrapped around the wire armature. Using a very sharp felting needle, the fibers are repeatedly poked until they clump together to form felt. The eyes are sculpted with Fimo clay and painted. The whiskers are black thread.


3. The puppets are posed and photographed.

4. The backgrounds are painted.

Lisa sketches the backgrounds and scans them, then uses digital software to paint them. Next, the puppet photographs are digitally merged with the painted backgrounds.

Then Lisa takes a nap.

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